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What Kind of Condition is a Scaly Skin-Colored Mole?

What Kind of Condition is a Scaly Skin-Colored Mole?

One of the most common types of cancer is skin cancer. Risks of getting skin cancer increase the more you have been exposed to the sun in your lifetime. Always have any unusual mole or other skin blemish or discoloration looked at by a doctor.

Types of Skin Cancer

You will want to know if it is skin cancer or not as soon as possible. Many types of basal and squamous cell skin cancers are highly treatable if they are diagnosed early. There are also precancerous growths which are called AK or actinic keratoses.

These growths are notable by their dry, scaly appearance. These skin colored moles often resemble large but scaly blemishes. You will usually get them after the age of 40 because that is often when repeated sun exposure over time start to cause problems for a perosn’s skin.

These can be removed by a dermatologist if they are particularly bothersome. Your doctor might suggest that you leave them alone, however. These AKs do not always end up becoming cancerous so, unless they are in a prominent spot of the body, they will not cause problems for you. They usually appear on the hands, face, and neck.

Scaly Skin Precautions

This is because this is where the skin gets exposed to the sun over and over. You should always use sun protection or wear hats and sunglasses. This will minimize your exposure to harmful UV rays. It is never too early to start using regular sun protection either. So, it is important to take scaly skin prevention and consult the best doctor for the same.

It is also never too late. The more you can do to protect yourself from the sun, the better off you are in avoiding skin cancer. Be aware of what common skin cancers look like. If you note anything odd or anything that changes in shape, color or size always have it looked at by a doctor.

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