The Stylester of Leggings | Tips On Finding Puppies That Are Good With Kids
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Tips On Finding Puppies That Are Good With Kids

Tips On Finding Puppies That Are Good With Kids

Dogs and puppies of all kinds are loved by individuals and families alike. Even though people love all different types of dogs, bulldog puppies and cute puppies, there are some that are considerably better with children than others. Even among the breeds that are considered good family dogs and those that aren’t, there are exceptions that you should look for to make certain it is the right dog. Here we’ll take a look at tips on finding a puppie that is good with children.

Questions To Ask Your Breeder

1. What is the puppies overall temperament?

It is important to understand what the general temperament of the particular breed that you’re looking at is, as well as what the individual puppies temperament is. Generally speaking, a well-bred puppy will have the temperament that you would expect. But if you’re getting the puppy from a pound or from an individual, then the treatment of that dog before you get it will play a part in its development. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, make sure that you get a puppy from someone that you trust who knows the puppy well and can tell you their temperament.

2. Is the puppy safe to be around all family members?

Very young children are very difficult for some types of dogs and puppies. For this reason, if you have very young children you want to make sure that the puppy you’re choosing is one that will be safe around your very young children. There are some dogs and puppies that will take almost anything young children can dish it out and they will continue to be loyal and loving and protective of that child. Other dogs will soon lose patience with children.

3. Does this dog type get along with other animals?

It is very common for families to have other pets such as cats or another dog and if that’s the case, then you’ll want to make certain that the breed your choosing and the particular dog or puppy that you’re interested in is capable of getting along with your other pets.

Dogs And Puppies Known To Be Very Good Family Pets

The Labrador retriever is by far one of the most popular family dogs and for good reason. This dog is very intelligent and is in almost every way a perfect dog for all members of the family. Another dog that is similarly popular is the golden retriever. It is known to be very gentle as a puppy and adult and at the same time is not timid which makes it a great dog for the whole family. The Vizlsa is a dog that you may not have heard of and yet it should be listed among the most loyal family dogs someone can own. If you haven’t heard of this breed you should ask your breeder as it is a great family dog and fun as a puppy.

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