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The Guide To Doing Oil Slick Hair

The Guide To Doing Oil Slick Hair

If you are a brunette, this is a fun hair trend that you can finally be excited about. The Oil Slick hair trend is simply a hair dyeing technique designed for those with dark colored hair and love fashion styles. This is a hair color trend that first gained attention on Instagram, and has quickly become walking the red carpet with celebrities as well.

So, even if you have never heard of this hair trend before now, there is no need to worry. This guide will inform you of what you need to know about it. Who knows, you may decide to try it out for yourself and give your brunette strands a new look.

Understanding Oil Slick Hair

This hair coloring technique was first introduced to the public by celebrity color, Aura Friedman. It is called ‘oil slick’ because it mimics the colors (rainbow effect) that occurs when oil makes contact with water. It results in a color swirly mess that looks amazingly gorgeous when it is placed on darker colored jewels like purple, emerald, magenta and violet.

Some Oil Slick Hair Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration, you can simply go on social media and find numerous examples of different oil slick hair dyeing techniques. For example, a subtle oil slick can be created from cooler colors. Iridescent colors like purples, blues and greens will create a color show in your hair that will definitely stand out when you are in the light.

Even though the main colors should be purple, blue and green, if you choose to go lighter on a few sections of your hair, the result could be stunning. For example, adding pink will complement the other colors. The result? A look that is vibrant as well as calm. To best achieve this balance, it is best to leave the ends and roots untouched and focus on the middle shaft of the hair strand.

You can certainly personalize your oil slick so it will best represent your personality. You may choose to forgo the greens and violets, and only use darker hues like purple and blue. A beautiful gleam will result when the light hits the hair. This works because the colors blend well with naturally dark hair.

The Best Way To Do Oil Slick Hair

The good news is that you can recreate this look in the comfort of your home. You will need to have on hand:

Black dye
Sheets of tin foil
Hair color (only jewel tones)
Brush for all choices
Bowls for all choices
Hair lightener

You will need to section your hair in four sections, and then lighten each section. Keep the roots dark and focus on the mid-section and ends or try for a traveller’s lifestyle look. After each section is lightened, allow it to sit on the hair soil for at least 30 minutes before shampooing.

Blow dry the hair and make sure it is almost dry before adding hair dye. Use your creativity to create the best color match, and add a squirt of black dye to each color to make the effect more realistic.

Cover hair, wait 45 minutes and rinse with cold water. The process is then complete.

The Oil Slick hair dye method can dramatically change the color of your dark hair. Experiment with different colors to create a variety of stunning looks.

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