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Proposing Soon? Visit One Of The Great Jewelry Stores Near Dayton First

Proposing Soon? Visit One Of The Great Jewelry Stores Near Dayton First

Are you ready to ask your girlfriend to marry you? As you prepare to pop the question, chances are you are also looking for a great engagement ring. You may want to ask your girlfriend first and then go shopping together for a ring or just choose a ring yourself and present it to her when she says, “Yes!”. Whichever you decide, there are several outstanding jewelry stores near Dayton where you are sure to find the perfect ring.

Choose Right Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring can be challenging. It involves more than walking into a jewelry store and picking out a diamond. Today, there are many different designs available and a diamond may not be what your fiance wants.

Many people are choosing colored gemstones in their engagement rings. They love the fire and color of sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Some will choose a beautiful pearl as the primary stone, while others are fascinated by tanzanite.

diamond jewelry

Choosing Stone Shape

Another important consideration is the shape of the stone. Is your girl carefree and fun? Then, perhaps she’ll love a round brilliant diamond that will sparkle in the sunlight. If she’s a bit traditional, a cushion cut gemstone such as a sapphire may be perfect.

If you decide to try and select an engagement ring without your fiance, keep their personality in mind. Also, take a discreet look at the jewelry she currently wears. Does she prefer gold or silver? Perhaps, she like a platinum ring instead of gold. Does she like glittering jewelry? Then, look for rings that provide some dazzle such as a ring that has baguette diamonds surrounding a generous center stone.

The best way to be certain your fiance will love her ring is to make her part of the decision. Consider proposing with a temporary ring and then you and she can shop together to select the perfect engagement ring.

You can explore the various engagement ring options available online at Elizabeth Diamond Company Jewelry Store.

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