The Stylester of Leggings | Modern Brides Like To Choose Their Own Engagement Rings
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Modern Brides Like To Choose Their Own Engagement Rings

Modern Brides Like To Choose Their Own Engagement Rings

Are you ready to pop the question? If you haven’t already purchased an engagement ring, you should visit the best jewelry stores Dayton Ohio has to offer. You’ll find each of these stores has an extensive inventory of engagement rings and wedding sets. One thing to consider before making your purchase is whether or not to include your soon-to-be-fiance in this decision.

Traditionally, the man bought the engagement ring and then presented it to the lady when he asked her to marry him. Today, most women want to choose their own engagement rings. It is also possible that the woman will ask the man to marry her. With these changes in tradition, many engaged couples are visiting the jewelry stores together to choose their engagement rings and bridal sets.

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Type of Engagement Rings

There have also been changes in the type of engagement rings women are choosing. It used to be that almost every woman wanted a diamond solitaire as her engagement ring. Today, many women are choosing colored gemstones as the primary stone in their engagement rings.

Some women are also choosing colored diamonds and may not have a solitaire at all. Instead, they may choose a ring with beveled diamonds or other gemstones. They may opt for no engagement ring at all and decide to wear only a wedding ring.

Couples today are making their own decisions when it comes to the type of bridal sets or engagement rings they purchase. There are still a variety of options available and women can literally design their own ring if they want.

The jewelry stores Dayton Ohio brides prefer allow a bride to customize their engagement rings and wedding bands. They can add or remove stones, change out the center stone or opt for something completely unique. These brides want something that shows their personal style and makes a strong statement.

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