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Maintaining A Beautiful Chandelier

Maintaining A Beautiful Chandelier

Having A Crystal Chandelier Hanging In Your Home Looks Great But Requires Some Love

Having a crystal chandelier hanging in your home looks great but it does require care. Few things exude class and luxury like a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and depending on the layout of your home, you might have one hanging over your dining room table, your formal entertainment room, or even your foyer or entryway. Chandeliers are incredibly convenient, given that they provide light from directly above, without you having to give up floor space to lamps or precious counter or table-top surface to smaller lamps. You could of course use wall sconces to save space but they might be low enough to create weird shadows or even be hazardous.


Crystal Chandelier

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A crystal chandelier takes the advantages of any chandelier and multiplies them. When the light sources within it are shining through crystal, the impact on the room is tremendous. The light is very bright and very pure. It’s not a cliche to say it would be crystal clear, because that’s exactly what crystal is supposed to do, and in this case it works just like it should. When properly done, the room is not just well-illuminated, it has an actual sparkle to it. The effect is almost magical.

Having said all that, you do have to be mindful. Crystal chandeliers often come with a lot of bulbs in them, and while modern light bulbs last a very long time, even one going out creates a very noticeable effect on the rest of the piece and the room. Depending on how high up and how elaborate the fixture is, replacing that bulb can be a serious pain to do. Also, given that the fixture is crystal, any incidental contact or drops are likely going to result in a mess, possibly with dangerous pieces everywhere across the floor.

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