How to Wear Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes

I got the opportunity to meet Rebecca Minkoff at an event held a Bloomingdales on November 6th and all I could think of was what can I wear to meet a fashion designer? Not only was Rebecca to be there but also stylist Mia Morgan and a slew of fashionable editors from so you can see why I would be nervous about my outfit. After mentally going over every item in my wardrobe and nearly driving myself crazy, I decided to keep it simple and go with something I was comfortable in rather than worrying about being trendy. I chose my favorite Silence + Noise skirt, black tights since I practically live in them during the Fall/Winter, a comfy blue plaid shirt and my new Lita shoes by Jeffrey Campbell to add a bit of edge to my comfy ensemble. In the end, I felt relaxed, confident and very much me and was able to present my best self to Rebecca Minkoff!

Blue plaid shirt, Silence + Noise Skirt and Lita Shoes

I’m wearing a blue plaid shirt from Uniqlo, Silence + Noise Skirt from Urban Outfitters and Lita Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

Continue reading for more pics and closeups! Blue plaid shirt, Silence + Noise Skirt and Lita Shoes

The full outfit!

Blue plaid shirt, Silence + Noise Skirt and Lita Shoes

My favorite black mini skirt by Silence + Noise.

Black Lita Shoes by Jefferey Campbell

Black Lita Shoes by Jefferey Campbell.

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