Best Halloween Makeup as a Cat

For many, Halloween is just a time to act on their inner demons or promiscuous fantasies and for many others, its time to bring out their creativity. Homemade costumes take the cake for me specially because they are just so hard to to make. Cool makeup that is not just loads of face paint but creating costumed looks with actual makeup that wont wreck your skin, gets extra points. The eerie and spot on cat look below, seen on a YSL beauty artist at the Bloomingdales in SoHo was the best Halloween Makeup I saw this year. She created this cat-like look with real makeup, using lots of liquid eyeliner on her nose and eyes, pencil eyeliner on her lips and cheeks and eye shadows to created depth. She got funky colored contacts from a beauty supply store in SoHo which completes the look to give it a creepy creature-like effect. She definitely gets my best Halloween look award!

Halloween Cat Makeup

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  • Reply November 4, 2010


    oooo….good make-up on that one!! Cute.. I cannot begin to tell you how long it would have taken me to insert those contacts. lol

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